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Josephs Coat Rose

Josephs coat is a multi-colored coat of paint that can help you look your best no matter where you go. The rose-colored fabric is designed to make a statement across the room or out.

Josephs Coat Climbing Rose

Hi everyone! I'm joseph, one of the guys over at cheetahvedore. It's been a while since we've been together, so I'm starting this blog to share knowledge with you all. just wanted to share my latest experience with you all and let you know that I finally completed a coat climbing rose! It was a lot of work, but I'm really glad I got it done. if you're looking to do this kind of climbing, there are a few things you need. The most important thing is to have a strong back, sense of balance and organisation, and some practice. just in case you're wondering, here are my instructions on how to do a coat climbing rose: 1. Get a large pair of gloves and a practice ring 2. Get a large hole in the ground that is wide enough to fit the coat on top 3. Get a large hold of the climbing ring and the coat on top of the ring 4. Practice the hole you made so you don't get it so big 5. Practice the balance you got and getting the coat off the ground without dropping it 6. When you're ready, make your climb and use a practice ring to make sure it's still easy for you to make climbs with. I'm glad I was able to complete the coat climbing rose! Now I can start trying to make my first ascent of the coat with some more experience. Thanks for that!

Top 10 Josephs Coat Rose

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