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Antique Brass Coat Hooks

This is a 2 solid antique brass double coathook with an oval backplate. The hooks are of excellent vintage and are in excellent condition. They are also affordable and easy to use.

Vintage Brass Coat Hooks

There are many different ways to create a vintage brass coat rack. Some people use metal hooks to store clothes, while others use clips to hold clothes in place.

Antique Brass Coat Hooks Amazon

These are antiques - vintage and brass ired together to create a new piece of furniture. The coat hooks are inspired by the antique victoian hat or coat hooks. The brass poles are inspired by the new look of a brass coat hanger. The theme of this piece is personalization and properly organization - so that this piece is used once and not passed down in search of every brass coat hook out there. This great old brass coat hook has two working parts - a hatchet type shape and a more everyday like shape. The hooks are 6 c11's in size and can hold your hat or other items, so you can keep your coat well-organized and stylish. The double coat hat hook alsoquick and easy to use, this hook is perfect for your coat with all your belongings. these brass coat hooks are made in england and are a great way to keep your coat of arms looking sharp. The hooks come with a lion head on the front, and are made from alloy brass. They are approximately 30" tall and have a pad for stability. this 3-14 x 3 (c2) antique brass coat hook is a strong, antique style symbol of a hat with three coats. It is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home or office. The hooks are white metal with black or silver hardware and are about 14" long. They are acrylic with a black or silver stone to increase their look. They are also adjustable, so you can fit any hat size.